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Information Technology

The introduction of computers in India has made India one of the front runners in the fields of Information Technology. Rapid strides in the field of software development and IT has enabled services in defence, space research, telecommunication and many other areas.

IT has an enormous influence on todays global economy. After the great Industrial Revolution of Europe, it is IT revolution that has swept the world. IT has significant applications in the fields of macro economic planning, public administration decision making, education, health care, energy conservation, environmental management etc.

Commerce and industry also are IT enabled processes and office automation systems to a great extent. Industrial applications of IT range from product designing / product processing and inventory management to distribution systems. IT applications in commerce include e-banking, credit cards, stock exchanges gaining global information, expert management, etc. IT has permeated almost every sphere of human endeavour. It is widely recognised that 21st century belongs to information technology and life science. India’s strength in IT is a leverage for entering in field of bio-technology.

The Internet is now emerging as the principal medium of communicaiton for every country. The Department of Information Technology has formulated two specific programmes namely Vidya Vahini and Gyan Vahini to provide connectivity to schools across the country. High performance computing development today continue to be driven by the demanding engineering and scientific applicaion. These have emerged as a domain leading to new scientific innovations. E-covernance enables the use of IT and communication technologies to improve efficiency, convenience, accessibility and transparency in government. Various IT activities such as development of software applicaion packages creation of e-governance infrastructure, national ID, citizen data-bases, credit card and digital educational content in e-governance domain are being taken up at present.

The cost of providing of connectivity hardware, replacement of analog, telephone lines with digital lines and training of huge manpower are going to be very high in the initial years. It is not the huge funds required to be invested in this field but the willingness to do so that would influence the future spread of IT in India.

27 2014

As we know our country india is a developing country,just basis on the IT sector... Because in today\'s life, without IT, nothing is possible... We totally dependent on the IT TECHNOLOGY. We can say IT just become a heartbeat of the devlopment. In every sector, IT is used in millitary, e-banking,commerce areas and the hospatility... It become a media to communicate to others countries.

Computers are the basic need of people play a vital role in developing of the is the good source for the economic as well as the government sectors..each field just described by IT sector today... without going school, today students can be connected via this technology online..this is the basic need of india\'s youth...

26 2014

Information technology has played a wider role in every sphere of life. It is increasing day by day and with the information technology we have achieved a lot. It is a boon to lay men and education alike. Computer is s base for informaton technology. Though geographically we are apart but with computer we are connected together. It has an enormous influence on our countries economy. It is one of the powerful sector.

08 2014

As my point of view IT Sector is the GOD of present situation of market because now days without IT sector I think cannot do any type of works. Computer is the base of IT sector. IT sector is helpful developing world very well As point of economically as well technologically. Every field like as banking, military political, education. So on are used very much of IT field also. So as of my point of view every day without it cannt complete perfectly.

18 2014

IT-sector is playing a vital role in devoloping country’s economy and now a days every thing is possible because of IT with the help of IT every nation is becoming strong enough in the fields of technology every sector is taking the help of IT sector for to the work easily banking, military, hospitality every sector is taking the help of IT sector.

18 2014

IT is the One of the powerful sector that is emerged in previous years .Revolution in IT Reflected a great change in Market day to day strategy and IT make every work very easy and we can do any type of work by sitting in home.

IT plays a great part in economic growth of any country as it is penetrating itself in every sector such as govt sector ,business sector,military sector and even every small product need IT as Every Sector need it sector for their Development and Growth.

19 2013

Computer is the heart of it sector, and IT sector is one of the best economical source for our country. IT sector not only provide a base for financial sector, it also improved the indians technically in almost every aspects of the business field. IT has an emerging growth in the field of technology in all over the world. Now a days we have combined IT with business field and using it in banking sectors and in government sectors also.

IT field is continousely varying as usr requirments are changing every day, they always expects something new which is not yet available thus leading to development of a new product or a new technology. Now a days without IT we cannot develop not even a single product. IT sector has made us both economically and technically sound thus improves our way of living as well as cost of living,and improves our mental ability

06 2013

Information Technology, in many interconnected form is transforming news gathering and transmission in the premier news agency of the country. Thus Information Technology and computers find applications in almost all sectors of our life including business and social sectors and have played a key role in economic progress of the country.

Importance of It in almost every walk of life has been clearly demonstrated and the usage of computers is an effective indicator of the diffusion IT in various sectors of economy. The computer industry has shown an impressive growth during the last 5 years of 8th plan.

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